The proverbial dangling carrot. That’s what its felt like for Verizon users and others who have been waiting. And waiting. And waiting. And…….the Droid people must be pretty happy about that, as I don’t think their sales would have skyrocketed if the iphone wasn’t seemingly tied to ATT forever. Well, forever may be over. Maybe. As the annual admittedly geek filled Consumer Electronics Show (fondly known as CES) gets under way, the latest buzz is that there will be a big announcement soon, but define soon. Verizon CEO Ivan Seidenberg is giving the Keynote at CES 2011, so, inquiring minds want to know, WILL HE MAKE THE BIG ANNOUNCEMENT THERE? The experts say “unlikely”, but this humble hopeful says, y’know, I think he just might. If not, it might be back to the carrots for the lot of us. New Clue Points to Verizon iphone’s Imminent Arrival

New York Times: Will the Verizon iphone Cripple Verizon? Rethinking the iphone Threat to AT&T Why the Verizon iphone Rumours are True

So the question is, will you go flying in leaps and bounds to be the first on line for the verizon iphone? Or will you wait a short bit to see if there are any tech issues? Please comment on the blog…


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