Art-print by LisaBeth Weber

Ok. It’s been a while since I’ve gotten on the soapbox. Today seemed like a good day. I came up with a new name for what it is that I do, that encompasses everything I feel about helping others in business.


Yup, that feels good to me. I’m constantly advocating for people to realize how important creativity is for business growth. Throughout my own career in the creative arts, on the business side of my business, I’ve employed a myriad of techniques, strategies, approaches, and then some that all fall under the creativity umbrella in order to thrive. Through my work and personal beliefs, I’ve also been an advocate for issues and causes including politics, human rights, animal rights, the environment, women’s health, justice, peace, you name it. I’ve done this both through the pins that I make for causes, as well as volunteering and speaking out.

The word CREATIVITY is often relegated to the arts in a singular fashion. I’m here to dispel that perception. It’s more important than ever to bring creativity into your business, in order to realize your potential, survive recessionary times, be innovative, and more. I feel my most empowered when I’m helping others. That makes the “teaching how to fish” scenario work double in the creativity department.

Creativity is the basis for everything you do in your business. Some people call it marketing. Some call it business development. Some call it branding. But isn’t it all about the HOW, and how creativity can get you there? Think about it.

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