Thank you for your donation! PLEASE SHARE the following link with your community and help spread the word, not the virus.

Options from here:

1. Download art (below), print out, and display on window at home.

2. Download the art for your Facebook profile pic. To upload properly on Facebook in order to include the outer writing for the next person to see, be sure to click “skip cropping” (usually located in lower left) AND be sure to drag to reposition it to the center and scale if necessary to fit the art inside the circle before you hit SAVE. This is important so that if/when the image gets shared, the donation information surrounding the circle remains.

3. Would love to hear other ideas for how to use the art!

More info below about downloading.

Questions? Email LisaBeth at

For PC’s, right click, and “save as” a file on your computer. Click HERE if you need instructions on downloading an image to a mac. If you need assistance on saving to phones and tablets, please refer to your specific make/model for instructions, as there are so many different products.

Art © LisaBeth Weber. Please respect copyright and only use the image after donating or with permission.