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The need is urgent and YOU can help. Support the movement.

By now, everyone knows the dire situation of lack of PPE for frontline health care teams. I’ve created this art as a way to raise funds and help spread the word. I’m asking that you donate what you can (see below), then upload the artwork below to your Facebook profile photo, and share the information with eveyone you know.

Pay what you can. Whether it’s $5.00 or $50.00 (or less or more), every dollar helps.100% of all funds received (minus PayPal fees) will go to the organization GetUsPPE.org. Led by a team of medical professionals, this group is on the frontlines getting PPE to the people who need it most. As seen on CNN, GMA, MSNBC, BBC, and more. 

    Here’s what to do:

  1. Click below to donate what you can.
  2. Download the art.
  3. Update your Facebook profile picture (be sure to reposition as needed to get the circle centered. Visit _____ if you need help, or email LisaBeth.

© Art by LisaBeth Weber. Helping by YOU.

download test

Bring a spring upon her cable holystone blow the man down. Shiver me timbers to go on account lookout wherry doubloon chase. Belay yo-ho-ho keelhaul squiffy black spot yardarm spyglass sheet transom heave to.

Support PPE