“I have known LisaBeth for many years, and her talents continue to impress me, from her skills as a top notch writer to her work in PR, complemented by her life in music, art, and film. She’s a go-getter, a connector, and anyone would be lucky to have her on their team.”

Meryl Levitz -- President & CEO, Greater Philadelphia Tourism and Marketing Corporation (visitphilly.com)


“LisaBeth Weber is one of my top freelance writers and does a terrific job researching every article she writes.”

Scott Cullen -- Editor, PC Solutions Magazine

“When you work with LisaBeth, you reap the benefits of her creative mind. LisaBeth always has her eye on the big picture. With her diverse background in the arts, entertainment and business, she has the uncanny ability to bring together disparate components to create one brilliant outcome, seamlessly applying her creative thinking to real life applications for her clients.”

Kathy O’Connell -- host of the Peabody award winning program “Kids Corner” on WXPN in Philadelphia.


“LisaBeth is one of the most creative, market-savvy people I know.”

Micah Solomon -- President and Founder, OASIS Disc Manufacturing, speaker, book author, Forbes contributor

“I brought LisaBeth in to speak for our annual Women’s Night at the Michener Art Museum and she was the perfect choice. Using her background in art, her musical talent and her polished entertainment and speaking skills, she created a program tailor-made for the evening. The audience loved her! From a professional standpoint, LisaBeth was a joy to work with – enthusiastic, well organized and upbeat. I would definitely recommend LisaBeth as a speaker.”

Sue Gordon -- Marketing Director (retired) - Doylestown Hospital, Doylestown, PA

“LisaBeth Weber is a creative artist and businesswoman whom I have known for over 20 years. She has strong powers of observation and recall. Her written work is thoughtful and on point. She expresses complex subjects in an intelligent, coherent manner. She is able to translate her observations into statements to which strangers can easily relate and understand.”

Eric M. Dohogne, Esq. -- Special Agent, FBI Retired

“It goes without saying that LisaBeth Weber would not be where she is today if there wasn’t some real talent, creativity and passion. She really does have an uncanny ability to think outside the box and look at things a little differently than you or I do.”

Nancy Biery -- Previous Senior Advisor - US Secretary of Commerce Gary Locke, Previous Director of External Affairs for Governor Gary Locke, Previous State Outreach Director, US Senator Maria Cantwell, Previous Theater Manager, Sundance Film Festival

“What I love about LisaBeth is that, beyond her abundant talent, she brings a passion to every project she is involved in that is absolutely contagious, and she always seems to have the right connection to help take a project to the next level.”

David Weisberg -- (Former) Executive Director, Friends of Arava