Sometimes networking takes you to amazing places, and sometimes you want to share that with your blog readers. Long story short, I grew to love indie film after frequenting our beloved County Theater in Doylestown, PA. From there I ended up working at the Philly Film Festival where I drove filmmakers around and around for about 6 years (more like 6 festivals). And now I’m returning for my 6th year to the ever iconic SUNDANCE FILM FESTIVAL where I’ll once again be working as a Theater Manager. The experience is phenomenal and I recommend it to all, (as if you had to ask). My highlight of 2010 was getting to share in a jam session and gathering with the folks from 2 time festival winner, WINTER’S BONE, including filmmaker Debra Granik and Marideth Sisco, the amazing singer from the film. Each year, I write an article about the Sundance experience, and it’s been posted/published here and there, so in light of the festival being around the corner, here are a few links to past articles. Who knows what this year will hold; stay tuned for “Blogs from Sundance”, and remember, keep networking but make sure it’s authentic. One never knows where it can lead.

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Jamming with the Winter's Bone gang

Marideth Sisco (singer from Winter's Bone) and LisaBeth