Wow. Dorothy was right. “People come and go so quickly here.” If she was in the land of Oz now, she might say, “Facebook changes come and go so quickly here”. Yesterday, Facebook accidentally launched new and rapidly unpopular features on Facebook Pages (mostly used by businesses), realized the elaborate error, fixed it, and in the process, the entire Facebook site was DOWN for about 45 minutes. Blogs and comments were flying all over the internet about the changes, and less than 24 hours later, things are back to “normal” in the land of Facebook, with apologetic tweets explaining what happened. Sure, stuff happens, but when you’re as big as Facebook, the feathers can fly. Meanwhile, this may be a quick lesson to all of us, to keep in mind what is in and out of our control as we utilize these powerful social media tools.

Below is the blog I wrote based on the “re-design” of the pages. Since it’s an unknown at this point whether the new pages are still on the horizon, I’m leaving this blog as is. For now, anyway.

The jury is out. It may be for a little bit, till people start weighing in as their Facebook PAGES (different than profiles) become transformed. Yes, we all saw Mark Zuckerberg on 60 minutes, and you’ve probably also heard that he’s been chosen as Time Magazine’s person of the year. I’ll say right off the bat that I HEART FACEBOOK, but….this is a peculiar turn of events, as there wasn’t a specific announcement about the PAGES. Though some of us had suspected this would happen, it seems to have caught some businesses and Social Media Marketing Professionals off guard. As Dorothy said so eloquently in the Wizard of Oz, “People come and go so quickly here”. Today, I think we can apply some of that logic to how our screens change whether we want them to or not. The bottom line is, Facebook is free, and a ridiculously powerful resource, so I’ll roll with it, and might even use the walls of Facebook to cite the importance of having a social media marketing consultant to help you through the maze.