Hello friends,

As we finish out the first week of the new year, I wonder how many of you have experienced this and if you think it matters or not. Would love your feedback. With all the hoopla of positive energy, messages, pictures, video, etc., on Facebook, Twitter and all the other social medianess we now live in, I think it’s sinking in. Sure, one could easily be overwhelmed with “aw c’mon, not another quote by another famous pundit of the past”, but honestly, it’s set my wheels in motion. With the unthinkable events that happened in Newtown, CT, with cliffs of all kinds, with enough in this world to make anyone want to tuck under the covers, I for one am grateful for all positive thoughts as we hurl ourselves into this broad new year, so BRING ON THE POSITIVE. And on that note, I’ll leave you with a quote that I turned into art. Happy New Year to all. May it bring more good than bad, more triumph than tragedy, and more hope than you could possibly imagine.