So, I was thinking……creative things to talk about around football and business. Hmmmm…….

Ok, so there was this little football game on yesterday, and as I watched it with friends on an amazing ginormous room-filled screen, even this non-sports fan was captivated, and not just by the half time Madonna-fest. Though the game didn’t turn me into a football fan, it was pretty exciting up till the last second. ‘Course, I admit I was checking out the commercials, and double-admit that any of the ones with dogs and chimpanzees (more on primates below!) were my faves. What was YOUR favorite commercial? Please COMMENT below and let us know…

(You can watch all the commercials here:

Ok, so speaking of primates: um, here’s a small world tie-in between primates (sorta), PR, the Super-Bowl, family, and six degrees of separation (make that two, which is how my world seems to roll). My cousin Eli, a.k.a. KREMBO is the emcee of the infamous and bona-fide Blue Monkey Sideshow! who performed ALL week long at Super Bowl Village in Indianapolis and were on stage and screen and most of all ESPN SportsNation every night!! Go KREMBO!!!

Ok, so there you have it folks. My (brief) take on the stupid bowl. Oops, I mean Super Bowl. Long live the 3.5 million dollar 30 second ad buy, and long live Krembo and performing artists everywhere. May this blog get cross-posted all over the map, may we all help one another careers, and may we all be paid as much as football players!

Pictured below: Krembo in action. Krembo with famed NFL coach and sports analyst, Herm Edwards.