So what does that mean exactly? It means that you can be your best self by employing the creativity within to help with your business goals and aspirations. Think about it. In this time of recessionary existence, it’s more important than ever to be a McGuyver in business, think on your feet, get out of precarious situations and survive adversity.

One of the best ways to exercise this type of creativity is to LISTEN. Sometimes it can be as simple as that, but in the simplicity lies the gem of learning. Get out of your own way, and be open to the freedom of thought that might come along, whether it’s from your staff, co-workers, colleagues, business prospects, or friends.

Innovative business leaders use the technique of PAYING ATTENTION and LISTENING to welcome new ideas and strategies for getting new business. Being open to new ideas quite literally lets the new ideas in.

The bigger the challenges, the more creative you need to be to overcome them. Go ahead, get creative, give it a try.