Ah……that feels better already. Got stress? Take a breath. Yeah, the stress may not instantly disappear, but surely it will give you the pause to be able to take a clear look, focus, prioritize on what matters most, and go from there, whether it’s in business, or life itself.

Speaking of the business side of things, you can also BREATHE new life into your business by taking quiet moments to glance toward the sky and open your mind to your thoughts. You never know what might be inside. Here’s what I got…..

Wash, rinse, repeat. Either the smartest ad campaign for consumption ever created, or a precursor to a fun way of describing…..

….a simple re-tweet, request sharing on Facebook posts, drafting a press release, socializing around your new business, utilizing creative communication strategies within social media, learning about QR codes, going to a new networking event……and so on, can incubate business when you’re not even looking.

Plus, your hair will be nice and shiny.

Have a great week,


p.s. http://www.openforum.com/articles/11-ways-to-breathe-new-life-into-your-business-katie-morell