Got shopping? Whether it’s Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday, or all of the above, the trend is clear. Let’s make special days for the crazy wild deals and let’s have people tackle each other to save 50 bucks. Ok, I admit it. I tried Black Friday ONE time and ONE time only, to save some ridiculous amount on a flash drive when they first were on the market and were fairly high priced. Even though I love shopping, as soon as I got to the store, I had that overwhelming “What was I thinking?!” moment. Meanwhile, you’d have to have been sleeping under a rock if you haven’t seen all the hoopla about Small Business Saturday, brought to you by American Express. Yes, it’s great, because businesses have been spotlighted that might not have been, with lots of press, but SBS has also had it’s share of controversy. See this article in the Wall Street Journal for more on that.

No matter how you are spending this weekend how about we just say, let’s support local every day, and not just this weekend. What will YOU be doing to support your local business? While you’re thinking about it, wander on over and check out the new video of my pins! Yeah, I’m one of those small businesses too!