Yesterday I attended a wonderful marketing panel, presented by the County of Bucks Business Development Department, Pennridge Chamber of Commerce and The Upper Bucks Chamber of Commerce. I highly recommend these occasional and almost always free events. You can learn more here, and sign up for their emails about events. I would like to also note that the panel was held in a new building on the Upper Bucks campus of Bucks County Community College. It’s a beautiful and cheery building, and I gotta say, I totally want one of the desk chairs on rollers; way advanced from the old desk chairs back in the day!

Much was covered during this interactive panel, and great tips were shared by both panelists, the audience, and most especially by moderator Gina Rubel, who shared “write down” tips from making sure you have a Google profile set up, to setting up google alerts for your name, business name and even competitors to keep tabs on what’s going on in your industry. She stressed companies adopt a social media policy, and to make sure they also have a brand standards manual. The panel shared experiences and advice, positioned by questions from Gina and the audience. A helpful tip that certainly seemed to surprise much of the audience was the idea that it’s possible to negotiate with media outlets. One of the best tips of the day was about SEO/SEM and that in many cases the “Contact Us” page of a website is the second most visited page. The upshot on that was that many/most companies have very little other info on the “Contact Us” page, and to leverage the traffic on the page by having a lot more pertinent info.

Of course I chimed in with my soapbox saying that if businesses weren’t also leveraging the power of social media, especially a business Facebook page, that they were truly missing out. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. At least for now. Who knows what will be next, and one final point of the panel was to MONITOR MONITOR MONITOR what the latest and greatest is, without going overboard.

In attendance on the panel were:

Gina Rubel, Esq., President/CEO Furia Rubel Communications (moderator) –

Joannie Anthony, Marketing Manager, Secant Medical, LLC –

Carmella Faust, VP and Customer Experience Manager, Univest National Bank –

Jason Martineau, Marketing Director, Penn Stainless Products –

Dorrit Trate, Marketing Director, St. Luke’s Quakertown Hospital –

Thanks also to Sonia Smith from the Bucks County Economic & Business Development Program.