Have YOU switched to TIMELINE yet? Best hurry up; it’s about to be switched for you. To read more about that, here’s my blog from last month: http://creativebizhub.com/facebook-has-done-it-again-welcome-to-timeline

Meanwhile, as soon as I heard about TIMELINE for profiles, I thought, hmmmm, I wonder how long before they have it for Facebook PAGES too. Well, I’m here to tell you to keep a close eye out if you have or manage or design Facebook PAGES, as in for businesses, organizations, brands, public figures, etc., because it looks like it’s on its way, just in time for leap year. Thanks to Facebook goddess Mari Smith, I learned that the suspected announcement date is February 29th, the same day as the first ever Facebook Marketing Conference. (I’m hoping my invitation to this invitation only event is in the mail!)

The TIMELINE for PAGES information is still on a conjecture basis, but many of the respected social media sites are reporting on it. Take a look at a couple: