I wonder what George Jetson would have thought of Facebook.

Ruh Roh Reorge. Hide the silverware. Facebook is about to tell people where you live and also release your cell number. I guess Mark Zuckerberg wants to come visit or give you a call. Remember, I still heart Facebook, and yes, we all signed the TOC that I’m sure has something buried in it about this, but at the same time Congress wants to know what the heck is going on. Read the letter from two Representatives here:


The Huffington Post has been reporting on this and the article below includes a link to see Facebook’s response to the Congressman’s inquiry.

Huffington Post report, March 2, 20011.

“Facebook will be moving forward with a controversial to give third-party developers and external websites the ability to access users’ home addresses and cellphone numbers in the face of criticism from privacy experts, users, and even congressmen.”


However, it’s important to remember that YOU, the user still has control over your privacy and permission settings. Their last policy update was on 12/22/10 so I guess it’s time for another one. Here’s a link for more on that. http://developers.facebook.com/blog/post/447

And, here is what Facebook wrote to the Huffington Post in regard to the above linked article:

“Despite some rumors, there’s no way for other websites to access a user’s address or phone number from Facebook. For people that may find this option useful in the future, we’re considering ways to let them share this information (for example to use an online shopping site without always having to re-type their address). People will always be in control of what Facebook information they share with apps and websites.”

The important thing is to keep tabs on what’s happening, and that’s why I chose to write about this subject.

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