Well, they’ve done it again. Those creatives at Facebook are rolling out the new SEND button, which will allow people to share more selectively. For instance, if you’re on a website with the new SEND button (don’t worry, they’ll be sprouting up quicker than spring dandelions), simply click on it, and fill in the recipients.  Add a note, and the attached website will automatically be sent to whomever you choose, whether individuals, facebook friends, or even groups, which will be a great way to target your message. According to mashable.com, there’s another interesting bonus, “SEND counts toward the total number of LIKES a page has. The LIKE total is now calculated by adding the number of Likes, shares, comments and inbox messages containing a URL.”

Time will tell how the SEND button will compare to the LIKE button. Some similarities. Some differences. What are YOUR thoughts; are you more inclined to SEND or to LIKE?


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