Just when you thought it was safe to, well, you know. Facebook has done it again, this time in a major way, with a complete redesign and pretty much re-engineered profile, called TIMELINE. Like it or not, pretty soon you won’t have a choice, as in, ah yes, the very platform that has allowed 800 million people to be interconnected like never before will be the very platform where many of them no doubt will complain about this newest change. In fact, the feedback so far is that it’s a bit overwhelming to “build” your new timeline. Mashable says, “Facebook Timeline is a way to document your entire life, from birth to present, but because the company began in 2004 for college students, it might take some time and effort to manually fill out.” I have a feeling this is why they’re doing the official launch on December 23, probably with the hope that a lot of people will have some time off to play with Facebook. Actually, in my usage experience, I find far less people are active on Facebook at home as compared to the workplace, but that’s a whole other article!

Meanwhile, I say let’s avoid all of the push back that typically comes along for the ride when these changes occur and simply embrace it. If we’re all using this amazing resource, we have to understand that it’s ultimately beyond our control. Ok, full disclosure. I haven’t switched yet, but it’s only a matter of timeline.

Have YOU made the switch yet? Let’s hear your thoughts!

Here are some useful resources to learn more and weave your way into the time of your life.


http://www.marismith.com/facebook-timeline-cover-image-promotion (By the way, if you’re not already a fan of Mari’s, you need to me. She’s the rockin’ goddess of social media.)

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