Ok, so it’s the holidays. Time to smile when someone says, “Are you ready for the holidays?” instead of what you probably really want to say. And I like the holidays! But when did we become such a homogenized society that people really think that we’re that robotic in our holiday prep and/or participation. Ok, that’s enough ranting for now. It’s also a well known concept/rumor/myth/truth/misnomer/fill in your fave description here that business slows down or even comes to a grinding halt once “the holidays” are in full swing. SO. What to do. Especially for entrepreneurs and small businesses whose bills and what-not don’t know from December 24th or the Spring thaw. I say, let’s make some lemonade.

Take all those holiday parties. Sure, it’s a nice time to raise a glass. But it’s also a great time to network. Even within that holiday party spirit, don’t forget to grab those business cards on the way over. One note of caution: if you imbibe a little more than usual in the spirit of the season, take care to maintain a certain level of professionalism, especially if you’re talking biz. This is a great time to make a great impression with people that you may only see once a year. Leave them with something GOOD to remember you by, so they’ll think of YOU when they need what your business offers in the new year.

Got holiday gifts? I’ll preface this by saying that in this day and age of budget concerns, and being green with less impact on the environment, getting gifts for clients simply because you think you should isn’t necessarily worth the paper they’re wrapped in. The climate we’re living in is a great opportunity to think about whether you really need or want to give client gifts. Perhaps donations to your client’s favorite charities would be a good alternative. If however, you do decide to give client gifts, really think it out to be something they can use, something utilitarian, and preferably something made here in the USA so you can support businesses here at home. If you’re putting your logo on it, for gosh sakes, make sure it’s nice looking!

Take this time to plan for 2012. If you ARE experiencing a lull in business due to the egg nog factor, what better time to start planning ahead for how you will attack the season right after the New Year. Think ahead and think BIG for the new year. Why not! Write your goals down somewhere where you can SEE them.

What are YOUR suggestions for how to GROW your biz during the holiday madness?

Happy Season to all!