(Photo by Rick Kintzel, staff photographer, Intel)

Sometimes when it rains, it pours. I’ve been lucky to have my business profiled in two different articles this month, one TODAY in the Doylestown Intelligencer daily newspaper, (the other is here in this month’s Dtown magazine). At a time when newspapers are closing their doors faster than people can fold the paper, I have much gratitude to the Intel, and the writer Naila Francis for their support of working entrepreneurs. In my dream/ideal world, everyone consistently helps each other in a wonderful revolving door of success for all. In this rushed life we navigate through, let’s all take some time to support a fellow business, publication, or colleague, by referring them via social media, a testimonial, or talking them up at a cocktail party or networking event. You may even be surprised when what goes around comes around. Today’s BIZ shout out is to Karyn Greenstreet of www.passionforbusiness.com, who was just the subject of an interview in ENTREPRENEUR magazine (you go girl!) citing her fabulous work as a business coach in relation to businesses reinventing themselves. If YOU have something you’d like me to write about that relates to YOUR biz, please let me know. Maybe you’ll see it in my next blog!