What’s for brunch?

Omelettes, pancakes, cereal, fruit, french toast, jam, coffee, bagels, lox and then some? Meals and preparation are such a loving place of creativity for many people. Alas, not so much for me. Though I do make a mighty mean soup, and a few other specialties, I didn’t develop the passion for it. You might hear me say, “I didn’t get the cooking gene” or “I didn’t get the gardening gene”. As we wind our way excitedly toward seeing that first crocus pop out it’s purple beauty in the coming of Spring, I think about the gardeners and how giddy they get as the colors start to return to the grass. For me, I’m just so happy that there are people in the world who experience such joy from their passions of gardening or cooking, and that if I’m lucky, I might reap the benefits of those amazing Jersey tomatoes in August. It’s the best reminder that creativity takes on so many different forms, and provides a great balance on the seesaw of life.

What’s your creative outlet?