JOHN BEACHER. An AMAZING talent; a musician and songwriter that stands apart. See for yourself with these videos, thanks to the awesome Louis Sparre. John is a truly diverse artist, with ballads that showcase his wide vocal range and lyrics of the heart, along with rap and scat singing that are equally as great as his amazing guitar chops. You never know where John is going to take the listener, but come on along for the incredible musical ride.

The day I met John Beacher changed my life. Spring 2011 at the Stockton Inn, where John was hosting his Community Stage. John is all about community, and has brought people together in friendships that are both intimate off stage and professional on stage. As a longtime performing musician, I simply enjoyed all the music that first night at the beautiful outdoor patio bar, and figured I’d play the next time. I was so impressed with John’s musical talents as well as how he ran the night, I introduced myself afterwards, and said what a great job I thought he was doing. When I said my name, LisaBeth, he said, “LisaBeth WEBER???!” I said yes, and he said something like, “I’m a HUGE fan of yours!” (Ah, wait, it might not be what you think.) I said, “Oh cool! You’ve heard my music?!” And he said, (wait for it), “You play music??!” <Insert huge laughter here, I know I did> Then he said, “My mom has been giving me your PINS since I was a little kid!” <Insert huge laughter here, I know I did>. So there you have it. In the ensuing weeks/months, we grew to know and love each others music and become great friends. (He’s like the brother I never had.) We occasionally play gigs together, and I consider it an honor to play music with such an accomplished and talented musician and songwriter. John Beacher has opened shows for The Marshall Tucker Band, Leon Russell, and The Fabulous Thunderbirds, and I’m confident that his star will rise quickly now that the buzz is on. John Beacher has the “it”, and if you’ve never heard him, run as fast as you can to a John Beacher show. You won’t be disappointed.

John & I are doing a gig together on Saturday, 7/14 at Rojo’s in Lambertville, NJ. 7:30 pm. $10.00 BYOB or enjoy the amazing coffees and teas (hot or iced) that they have there.

Please LIKE John Beacher on Facebook (& get free song downloads this week!!) & Beacher’s Community Stage, which has been moved to Karla’s Restaurant and Bar in New Hope. His full schedule is at, including performances this summer at The Black Potato Festival and Bethlehem’s acclaimed Musikfest.