Have You Heard of MEDIUM.com?

Ok, so clearly I must have been sleeping under a rock for a while, till a great friend of mine clued me in about the super groovy social writing platform called MEDIUM. Yeah yeah, if you weren't under the rock with me, go ahead and tell me about it in the comments,...

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Fig Doylestown – The Holiday Issue

The holiday issue is out! I heart being a freelance writer for a publication like FIG Doylestown, which embraces creativity and lets me infuse whimsy into wordsmithing. In this issue, I write about acclaimed jazz vocalist and pianist Michelle Wiley (page 22), selfless...

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Back to the blog. It's been a busy time here at HQ and the latest issue of FIG Bethlehem is out and about. I'm loving writing for this publication. It's great to have the chance to write about such diverse topics for all of my clients, from art to software and lots...

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