Ok, caveat caveat caveat. I’m NOT a religious person (closest to that is I refer to myself as an agnostic, nostalgic, vegetarian Jewish gal, who feels very spiritual at times, and being a songwriter, proclaims that MUSIC is my church). However, shortly after I wrote the following bloggish paragraph, I saw this article about the Pope ok-ing the world of social media, so i couldn’t help but include it here. I’m gonna leave it at that so as to not get political and all soap-boxie. And, now, on with our show.

Wait. What? All media is social? Yeah, big revelation, huh!? That thought just occurred to me as I was pondering what to write about today. Remember, no matter the media, no matter the social, no matter the delivery, it’s still what’s behind all of that that needs to stand up to the test. To the trust. To the relationship of who you are working with at any given time. Whether you are using social media sites for job hunting, client marketing, networking, pitching to the press, and all the yada yada’s in between, like traditional press releases that you might be sending via social media, make sure you have the goods, experience, knowledge, etc. to back it up, and be ready when you get the responses you are seeking! Meanwhile, if you’re not taking advantage of the various websites that are at your fingertips, you’re missing the boat of opportunity. So get out there and be social, and you never know what might happen. You might even get a friend request from the Pope.